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4 days ago

#621 This week we’re reflecting on what you can do to create more peace and calm during the winter time. In the northern hemisphere, December can be dark and busy and we often receive questions from our listeners about how to support their mind through the darker months.
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For most of you, the holiday season is a time for enjoying family and friends, gift giving and enjoying special treats. Whether or not your family gives gifts during the holidays, you get to choose what you give to yourself. Whether it’s by starting therapy or treating yourself to a day of complete rest– remember to give yourself some love this holiday season. 
Therapy is helpful for how to set boundaries and look after yourself. It empowers you to be the best version of yourself. If you’re thinking of starting therapy, give BetterHelp a try.  
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Friday Nov 24, 2023

This week on the Anxiety Slayer podcast we are sharing a guided relaxation, spoken by Shann with music by Ananga, for support when anxiety makes you feel small.
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Friday Nov 17, 2023

#669 This week we are featuring one of our favorite interviews from our vast archives. This is a wonderful time to listen again. If you're new to Anxiety Slayer, you may be discovering these episodes for the first time.Shann is sharing a conversation with Dr. Michele Kambolis. Michele is a mind-body health specialist, meditation teacher, and acclaimed author of When Women Rise. Be sure to listen in for Michele’s guided relaxation midway through the episode.
Topics covered in this episode:
Many of our listeners write are feeling fried right now – How can they start to comfort their nervous systems?
An example of Voo chanting to calm your Vagus nerve naturally.
How we can empower ourselves during this wild ride on planet Earth.
A 5-minute Return to Calm guided meditation.
Michele’s recommendation for more peace and joy.
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Friday Nov 10, 2023

#668: This week on the Anxiety podcast we’re discussing how to lower your anxiety and look after yourself before and during medical procedures thanks to a request from one of our listeners.
"I would love an episode that focuses on calming prior to a procedure, big or small. Something as simple as getting a vaccination or blood draw to knee surgery or open heart surgery. Fear, uncertainty, anticipation, and vulnerability triggers anxiety for me every time. I am helping my daughters navigate this and would love tips to keep me grounded no matter what is happening or coming so I can help them stay in the present as well. Thanks you for all that you do. Keep slaying!"
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This time of year can be a bit overwhelming, and it’s totally natural to feel some sadness or anxiety about it.  Navigating the change in weather, planning for the holidays and all that comes with the hustle and expectations we put on ourselves. 
Therapy can be a bright spot amid all of the stress and change –  something to look forward to, to make you feel grounded, and to give you the tools to manage everything going on. It isn’t just for those who’ve experienced major trauma; etc.
If you’re thinking of starting therapy, give BetterHelp a try. Just fill out a brief questionnaire to get matched with a licensed therapist, and switch therapists any time for no additional charge.
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