Anxiety Slayer Tips and tools to help you conquer stress and anxiety.

March 27, 2015  

In this week's podcast we're talking about the benefits of listening to your body and making a space where you feel safe to curl up and rest.

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March 19, 2015  

In this week's podcast we're talking about how you can help yourself break free from negative thoughts.

For further information and details of the resources covered in this podcast please see:
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February 28, 2015  

In this week's podcasts we're talking about the importance of self compassion in recovering from anxiety.

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February 22, 2015  

Sudden anxiety makes me scared I'm losing my mind and it comes from nowhere.

The World Tapping Summit starts tomorrow - Monday 23rd February - visit us at to reserve your free place now...
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February 14, 2015  

We are excited to announce that registration is now open for the 2015 World Tapping Summit. This event is a great opportunity for learning to use EFT for all kinds of issues: chronic pain, phobias, finding strength to say no, and improving your sleep.

Visit us at to reserve your free place now.

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February 6, 2015  

In this week's podcast we're responding to the following question:

"I had my first anxiety attack a month ago. I have been suddenly feeling heat in my body, and sometimes I actually start sweating, I feel shaky and my chest feels tight. My mind races and I feel really scared. I’ve started listening to your podcasts but would appreciate your advice too."

The self-help technique we recommend for panic attacks is the Quick Anxiety Stopper - please visit us at to find out more about how you can use this simple technique to stop panic attacks escalating and get yourself calm again.

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January 28, 2015  

In this week's podcast we're sharing four things that help when you feel stuck with anxiety and you don’t know what to do.

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January 24, 2015  

In this week's podcast we're responding to a listener question about waking up and not being able to get back to sleep.

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Our Guided Relaxations for Sleep are available on Amazon and iTunes - just search for Anxiety Slayer.

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January 16, 2015  

In this podcast Shann talks about the importance of self-care and pacing yourself in the New Year.

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January 2, 2015  
In this week's podcast we're responding to the following question from our inbox:

Since I have really begun to come to terms with life-long anxiety, I have been haunted with the ways in which it has compromised (sometimes ruined) situations and relationships. I feel as if I have not been fully present for so much joy and have not been able to fully receive love...

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