5 Tips for Slaying Your Anxiety over the Holidays

December 16, 2016

Thanks for listening to Anxiety Slayer! In this week's podcast, we're sharing our favourite tips for keeping calm and centered over what can be a couple of quite challenging weeks for anxiety sufferers.


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FREE Track from our Emotional Peace Album: Affirmations for Hope in challenging times

December 2, 2016

This week on Anxiety Slayer we are sharing a popular track from our Emotional Peace album: Affirmations for Hope in Challenging Times


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3 Ways fighting your anxiety makes it worse

November 25, 2016

In this week's podcast we're talking about three ways fighting your anxiety makes it worse... and the unglamorous truth about making it better!


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5 Habits to help you overcome anxiety

November 18, 2016

In this week's podcast we're talking about five simple habits that can help you overcome anxiety. Based on the principle that small steps every day really can make a difference to your life.


Oasis: A retreat from Stress and Anxiety

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How can I stop my anxiety pushing my partner away?

November 11, 2016

In this week's podcast we are responding to the following question: "How does one with anxiety not give stress and anxiety to their significant other? Are there any tactics or methods of handling anxiety and bad thoughts after a bad break up?"


How to help yourself if your anxiety makes you feel faint

November 4, 2016

In this week's episode we are responding to a listener question from our Facebook page: "Can anxiety make you feel faint?"

Faintness is certainly a possible symptom of anxiety, in this podcast we explain why and offer two ways you can help yourself feel more calm, clear-headed and grounded.

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Quick tips to help lift your mood if darker evenings affect your anxiety

October 28, 2016

In this week’s podcast we are responding to a question from an anxiety sufferer who says :the dark evenings make my anxiety worse, can you help?”


Do you need a media break?

October 21, 2016

In this week's podcast we're talking about how negative media can increase anxiety.

Points covered in the podcast include:
 - Upgrading our sources of information

- Seeking real connection

and a tip from Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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Celebrating 7 Years of Anxiety Slayer and Speaking Out Against the Stigma around Anxiety

October 14, 2016

In this week's podcast we're celebrating 7 years of producing Anxiety Slayer for you and speaking out against the stigma around anxiety.

We would like to thank old listeners and new for tuning in to Anxiety Slayer and hope you find this podcast supportive.
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Tips for Calming Anxiety Storms

October 6, 2016

In this week's podcast we're talking about why your mind gets scared of anxiety and how to change your thinking to help you feel more calm and in control when you're suffering from anxiety attacks.