Anxiety Slayer™ with Shann and Ananga

The Top 5 questions we get asked about anxiety attacks

June 7, 2019


With over 5.6 million downloads and hundreds of podcasts, Anxiety Slayer is a podcast for anyone who is suffering from PTSD, panic attacks, stress, and anxiety. 

In this episode, we're responding to the Top 5 questions we get asked about anxiety attacks.

  • How can I stop anxiety attacks if I don’t know what’s causing them?
  • Why do I feel unsettled for a few days after an anxiety attack?
  • How can I stop the fear of an attack? 
  • Is it normal to feel nauseous and light-head with a panic attack?
  • Can anxiety attacks be stopped without medication?

Listen in for our answers and our definite yes to the question of being able to stop anxiety attacks for yourself without medication.


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