Anxiety Slayer™ with Shann and Ananga

A Mother’s Journey from Anxiety to Serenity with Ada Perez

June 19, 2020

#502: This week Shann speaks with Ada Perez. Ada is an author, Life strategist, and communications professional with a passion for mindful parenting. She is the author of the new book. Anxious Mom, Anxious Child: A Mother’s Journey from Anxiety to Serenity.

Points discussed in our conversation

- Ada's healing journey of self-discovery through divorce and illness that inspired the creation of Anxious Mom, Anxious Child

- How can becoming calmer can help strengthen your connection with your children

- Praying and meditating: how both practices have helped me heal from anxiety

- How can we identify and address triggers of anxiety in our day to day life

- How mindfulness can help Latina women who suffer anxiety (and everyone else, too!)

You can get Anxious Mom, Anxious Child at, and wherever books are sold.


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