Anxiety Slayer™ with Shann and Ananga

Worried my anxiety is going to push friends and family away

February 1, 2019
#433: We are responding to a listener who is worried that their anxiety is going to push friends and family away.
Today's podcast is brought to you by The Anxiety Slayer First Responder Series for Health Anxiety. 
Do you find yourself repeatedly worrying that you might have a serious illness?
Are you missing out on time with your family, or unable to do the things you love because you find yourself frozen in fear that there may be something wrong with you?
Does this sound familiar?
We understand, we have both experienced health anxiety, we know how awful it feels and how it can take over your mind and cast a shadow of fear over your life. We know that you want to feel better because worrying about your health can rob you of precious time and peace of mind.
Over the last nine years, we've uncovered the biggest challenges our listeners face with Health Anxiety. In the Anxiety Slayer First Responder Series, we respond to these challenges with step-by-step teachings, tools, and techniques to help you stop anxious thoughts about your health.

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