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From Anxiety to Love with Corinne Zupko

July 19, 2018

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Today it’s an honor to introduce you to Corinne Zupko, a licensed counselor, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher, and author. Corinne undertook her study of psychology out of necessity when debilitating anxiety threatened to derail her life. Seeking ways to do more than temporarily alleviate her symptoms, Corinne began to study A Course in Miracles (ACIM), mindfulness meditation, and the latest therapeutic approaches for treating anxiety.     

As Corinne healed her own mental anguish, she created the perception-shifting process she describes in From Anxiety to Love: A Radical New Approach for Letting Go of Fear and Finding Lasting Peace (New World Library).

Show Notes:

You recently published From Anxiety to Love what inspired you to write this book?

How has a course in miracles helped you heal mental anguish?

You talk about freeing your mind from fear and the comfort that comes with connecting to our Inner Therapist. How do our listeners learn to listen to their inner therapist (love) vs. their inner critic? (ego)

Many of our listeners suffer from Health Anxiety. How does releasing guilt and shame help calm our worries about our health?

“The body will remain guilts messenger and will act as it directs, as long as you believe guilt is real.” - A Course in Miracles

Affirmations: There is no guilt in me. There is no guilt in anyone else. There is only love.

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