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How to care for yourself if you are anxious about getting the Coronavirus

March 6, 2020

#487: We’re talking about how to care for yourself if your scared and anxious about getting the Coronavirus.

To keep informed, we recommend choosing a positive and educational source of information like
Lissa Rankin's website. 


Points covered in this episode:


This too shall pass

Every so often a new virus emerges that causes public concern, like avian flu in 2009, you've lived through them all so far and the chances are extremely high that you will live through this too. 

Seek out positive company

Lean towards friends or family members that tend towards a calm and positive outlook. When we feel shaken we benefit from the company of those who are grounded.

Deepen your personal spiritual and self-care practices

Take a moment to reflect on the practices that help you feel sheltered in your life and make sure you are bringing at least some of those into your day.

Exposure doesn't mean infection

This is very important to understand. Not everybody who is exposed to a virus gets sick.
Whether we get sick or not depends on our immune health, and this is something we can influence.

Ayurveda & Immunity

We are not sitting ducks, anxiety causes the mind to freeze in fear and can make us feel helpless. But this isn't reality.
Ayurveda teaches that we have influence over our resistance to illness by caring for our immune system.

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